The Great Military Parade for

The National Day of Romania



Foto: Vlad Piriu Foto: Vlad Piriu

                                                  Klaus Werner Iohannis Președintele României 


Yesterday, on the 1st of December, Romania has celebrated the Union Day, also known as the Official National Day of Romania, asa a Nation. Each and every year, in various cities in Romania, especially in the capital city of Bucharest, the National Day is celebrated with a Great Military Parade, where thousands of soldiers from all the fields of the romanian army are marching in a synchronized manner, for which they have practiced for more than a month. Along with the troups, a long line of military machines is present, also from the various parts of the romanian army, and since Romania is part of NATO, this year, we had integrated into the parade, teams from Spain, France, USA. 


At the parade were present a great deal of officials from the political apparatus, but also from the administrative, and the religious field. The Official Ceremony was opened by the Romanian President, His Excellency Klaus Werner Johannis, who salutted the audience and also laied down a corrona of flowers in the memory of the romanian soldiers that died in the two world wars. At the ceremony was also present the Mayor of Bucharest, Nicusor Dan.


The entire parade lasted for no more than an hour, but for this a lot of people, had prepared estimatively for two months in advance. From the official data, it seems that more than one hundred thousand people were present in the audience at the Military Parade. Funny enough, immediately after the parade all the public transport was put to a standstil, because of the huge crowds present in the area. In the end, everything went well, and we remained with some very nice memories. Long live Romania!


Text and Images by Vlad Piriu


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