A night to Remember - Iggy Pop brought the world to the heights of ecstasy at Electric Castle 2023



The 2023 edition of the Electric Castle Festival was one with an incendiary line-up, being the first of the series of festivals in Bontida, where for 5 days the music blared from the loudspeakers non-stop


Electric Castle 2023 witnessed an electrifying show in the presence of the legendary Iggy Pop, who left his unmistakable mark on the entire festival and its participants. Held in the picturesque Bánffy Castle in Cluj, Romania, the festival provided the perfect setting for an evening of high-energy rock and roll, with Iggy Pop providing an unforgettable experience.


It was another night of fun at the Electric Castle, despite the rain code orange. Tens of thousands of people ignored the whims of nature and danced until sunrise. The legendary Iggy Pop took the stage with the same energy he had 30 years ago. Everything, to the joy of the partygoers, who felt the adrenaline to the fullest.


The legendary American singer Iggy Pop, who was in Romania for the first time, took the stage at the Electric Castle shortly after 10 p.m. The artist kept the audience hooked for minutes on end. The young people who came to the festival wanted to take full advantage of the last moments before the rain came and had a lot of fun. They didn't forget the outfits either, which were spectacular.


That evening, the atmosphere at Electric Castle was magical. As the sun set behind the Gothic ruins of Bánffy Castle, the stage was bathed in vibrant lights that danced in sync with the music. The anticipation of the legendary moment was palpable; fans from all over the world had gathered on the lawn in front of the main stage, many dressed in Iggy Pop t-shirts, to complete the evening's punk rock landscape.


Throughout the concert of the legendary Iggy Pop, the festival was filled with a mixture of historical charm and modern exuberance. Food stalls offering a range of international cuisines, art installations and interactive experiences dot the landscape, giving festival goers plenty to explore before the main event. The sense of community was strong, with strangers quickly becoming friends out of shared excitement for what was to come.


The crowd in front of the stage was a diverse melange of ages and socio-cultural backgrounds, people brought together by their love of Iggy Pop and his lasting influence on rock music. Young festivalgoers mingled with die-hard fans, many of whom have followed Iggy's career since its early days with The Stooges. The energy was infectious, people spontaneously danced and sang along throughout the show.


Iggy Pop's show at Electric Castle was at the level of a rock and roll masterclass. From the first chords, Iggy Pop fully proved, if this was needed, that he still possesses the raw energy and charisma that turned him into an iconic figure of universal music. His gravelly and powerful voice reverberated through the night, each track delivered with the same ferocity and passion that has defined his career.


The setlist was a perfect mix of classic hits and newer material, each song meticulously chosen to keep the energy high and the audience's interest high.

Thus, the recital was opened by I Wanna Be Your Dog - the song that set the tone for the evening, instantly igniting the crowd, followed by Gimme Danger - whose powerful riffs completely captivated the audience. Lust for Life came just in time, to bring the entire audience's voices in unison, transforming the entire atmosphere into a real highlight of the entire evening. After this, The Passenger surprised the entire audience by dancing and applauding. Search and Destroy came next, as a symbol of the artist's punk roots, this song brought a raw, chaotic energy to the stage. Then came legendary songs like Five Foot One, Real Wild Child (Wild One), Nightclubbing - A slower, atmospheric track that gave the crowd a brief respite before the next onslaught of rock music began. Some Weird Sin - The driving beat and catchy chorus was a crowd favorite. The evening then continued with China Girl - The special interpretation of this classic song brought a touch of romance to the whole set. The rest of the songs included Mass Production, Candy, No Fun, Down on the Street, I'm Bored, Gardenia and ending the evening with Skull Ring, a song whose energy left the audience with an insatiable appetite for more.


It was a memorable night, precisely because Iggy Pop offered an experience that is hard to match, through charisma and an enviable stage presence, despite his advanced age. His ability to connect with the audience, both through his music and his overflowing energy, made the entire recital an experience

unforgettable. The synergy between Iggy and his fans generated an explosion of raw energy from the crowd, where his powerful music created a sense of unity throughout the evening. As the final notes faded and the crowd began to disperse, the entire audience felt like they were witnessing something truly special. Iggy Pop hadn't just sung; had shared with the entire audience an impressive piece of rock history, leaving the entire audience with the feeling of having a similar experience with this unmistakable legend of the world music landscape as soon as possible.


Written by Irina Marinescu


Macklemore sets the atmosphere on fire at Electric Castle 2023
A night full of music and unity



Electric Castle 2023 at Bánffy Castle in Cluj, Romania was nothing short of spectacular, and Macklemore's performance stood out as one of the highlights of the festival. The rapper and his band performed an enthusiastic performance that captivated the audience, creating an electrifying atmosphere that continued late into the night.

The atmosphere at Electric Castle was a perfect blend of historic charm and modern festival vibes. The Gothic ruins of Bánffy Castle provided a stunning backdrop, enhanced by dazzling lights that turned the night into a visual feast. As the sky darkened, the wait for Macklemore's concert made festival-goers gather in increasing numbers in front of the main stage, eagerly awaiting the moment when the artist would take the stage.


The energy in the crowd was contagious. People from all over the world gathered together to sing their favorite songs, dance and celebrate the moment. From the moment he took the stage, Macklemore's charisma and energy were undeniable. He dominated the stage and the entire audience with a strong presence, thus managing to give the impression to every person in the audience that he is an integral part of the show.


Macklemore was accompanied on stage by an important suite of instrumentalists and dancers who brought an extra touch of joy and vitality to the music. Their synergy was evident, with each member contributing to the overall energy and musicality of the show.


The night's set list was a perfect mix that encompassed a significant number of Macklemore's greatest hits and newer tracks, each song meticulously chosen to keep the audience engaged and energized. Ain't Gonna Die Tonight – A perfect song to open the night, which set the tone full of energy, then followed by Thrift Shop – during which the crowd erupted into cheers, singing the entire song word for word. Can't Hold Us was followed by Glorious - An uplifting anthem that had the audience resonating to extreme heights. Willy Wonka - A playful and dynamic track that was living proof of the unique versatility of Macklemore's music. White Walls got the audience into a state of dance and was followed by Same Love - an emotional moment that surprised the audience as the light asked the night with the help of phones. Downtown – came just in time to bring back the fun and energy that kept the crowd moving. Marmelade then followed, captivating the crowd with their infectious rhythms and overflowing energy. Good Old Days, generated a deep state of nostalgia, creating the perfect setting for Ten Million - A newer track that was warmly received by the audience. Corner Store, Firebreather, Excavate, Brad Pitt's Cousin and Dance Off followed.


Influence on the festival


Macklemore's performance at Electric Castle 2023 was more than just a concert; it was a celebration of music, unity and positive energy. His ability to combine meaningful lyrics with infectious beats and a dynamic stage presence made his set one of the highlights of the festival.

Echoes about Macklemore's concert spread throughout the festival. Attendees were full of emotion, sharing their favorite moments and singing along to his songs long after the set was over. Its message of inclusion and celebration of individuality resonated deeply with the diverse crowd, reinforcing the festival's ethos of bringing people together through music.


Macklemore's concert at Electric Castle 2023 was an unforgettable experience that highlighted the power of music to unite and inspire. His performance, backed by a talented band and carefully curated setlist, created an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie that left a lasting impression on all who attended. As the final notes faded and the crowd began to disperse, it was clear that Macklemore had not only delivered an incredible set.


Written by Irina Marinescu



The Electric Castle Team launches The

world we dream of:

10 years of Electric Castle in 5 minutes |

Short movie



Artists, music, boots, tornado, friends, (too few) buses, fun and, of course, rain and mud. Electric Castle is about all that and more. The festival that never wanted to be perfect reaches 10 years of existence, which it evokes in a short film released today.

Having reached its 10th edition, the festival team outlines a conclusion: it only takes a village to create a world to dream of for a whole year. After a decade of adventures that they would not have anticipated even in the most creative scenarios, the organizers chose to look back, without regrets, and

the result is a video material that reveals unique situations in the history of the festival.

Electric Castle – short film

"Building a festival like Electric Castle from scratch means leaving your comfort zone. Equipment that

disappears just when you need it, artists that you break up with only to get back together, even a small

tornado - these are the parts that no one takes into account when starting a festival. You go on, gripped

by Bonțida fever, and you find solutions. You know that you are not alone, but you are with all those who

dream, like you, of a different world", says Tudor Costinaș, Head of Communications Electric Castle.

With 40 days to go before the 2024 edition, the first 1,000 people who will be on the Banffy field are

already known. They are the ones who will be part of the festival team, ready to build again, from the

ground up, the space where Massive Attack, Bring Me The Horizon, Queens of The Stone Age, Chase

and Status, Rema, Sean Paul, Ricardo Villalobos, Paolo Nutini and Khruangbin will discover Bonțida,

a unique audience and the world that thousands of fans proudly call their favorite festival.


Written by Irina Marinescu




Electric Castle launches EC Radio

and daily schedule of the 2024 edition




"The Electric Castle experience - anywhere, anytime" is the promise of the newest online radio station launched by the festival, which is preparing for its 10th edition. EC Radio perfectly reflects the mix of musical styles specific to the festival, with special broadcasts dedicated to the artists who will be present, starting from July 17 this year, on the stages of the castle. The exact date of the live shows can be found, starting today, in the daily schedule published on www.electriccastle.ro

Curated by a team defined by the passion for quality music, EC Radio is a sound guide not only for those

waiting for Massive Attack, Bring Me The Horizon or Queens of The Stone Age at Electric Castle, but for

anyone looking for different musical selections. From today, mornings start with "Stuck in Traffic", 3 hours

of recommendations from the festival's booking department. Shows like "Down Memory Lane" offer

playlists for the nostalgic, with artists present at past editions of the festival, while "Your Next Favorite

Artist" invites discoveries, with new artists who stand out with a personal sound. Training for EC 10 is

done with shows dedicated to artists from the 2024 lineup. EC radio can be listened to exclusively online, at https://electriccastle.ro/radio

The 5-day festival experience is now detailed for fans in the daily event schedule. Electric Castle debuts

on July 17 with Reel Party by BT & DJ Yoda, a concept that has been enthusiastically received at

previous editions. On Thursday, July 18, the festival will vibrate with Afro, techno, drum and bass and

metal rhythms with Rema, Kungs and Bonobo, Apashe & The Brass Orchestra and Cavalera.

Friday, July 19, is a day marked by Bring Me The Horizon, Paolo Nutini and Nina Kraviz shows. The

weekend is reserved for the legends: Massive Attack and Queens of The Stone Age are live on Saturday,

July 20, when Chase and Status, Khruangbin and Marc Rebillet are also scheduled. July 21 will be

marked by Sean Paul's dancehall style and Palaye Royale, who will fascinate with their fashion-art rock

style. Sevdaliza, Kenya Grace and Todd Terje will also be on the final day of EC 10.

The price of a day ticket is 90 euros + taxes, and a one-day Premium experience is priced at 150 euros

+ taxes. The complete program for Electric Castle 2024 and tickets are available at www.electriccastle.ro


Written by Irina Marinescu


   Afrobeat sensation Rema joins the

artists in the Electric Castle 2024 line-up



Rema, the Nigerian artist who convinced the whole world to rediscover Afrobeat rhythms, completes the line-up announced for Electric Castle 2024. Along with Massive Attack, Bring Me The Horizon, Queens of The Stone Age, Chase and Status, Sean Paul and Paolo Nutini, Rema will be present on the main stage of the festival, between July 17 and 21.

With 57 consecutive weeks in the Billboard Hot 100, an absolute record for one of the most important charts in the music industry, "Calm Down" was the unmissable hit on the dance floors in 2023. Rema thus became the first African artist which crossed the 1 billion

Spotify mark, and the song managed to challenge the whole world to discover a complex artist and a

new creative direction in Afrobeat music. His debut album Rave & Roses Ultra bears the imprint of

Nigerian music, but is full of influences from trap, electro and even jazz, a style that Rema defines as

afrorave and which has convinced personalities like Barrack Obama to recommend his tracks. Rema,

the sensation afrobeat, joins Electric Castle 2024 line-up artists (2)

The show scheduled for Electric Castle will include all of the artist's hits, from "Dumebi" to "Iron Man" and

"Soundgasm", but Rema is increasingly mentioning new projects with big names in American rap, which

would come next to materialize in the near future. With a bit of luck, Romanian fans will have the chance

to listen to them live at the festival.

Electric Castle also confirms Ricardo Villalobos, one of the most influential producers on the minimal-

techno scene. At the forefront of electronic music for over 20 years, Villalobos is inventive, flamboyant,

very little interested in success, but obsessed with discovering new approaches to music. The DJ who

imposed a surprising level of subtlety in the electro style will be present on the Dance Garden Stage,

along with the other 35 artists proposed in the Sunrise Takeover.

The date of April 24 a.c. is the last day on which Electric Castle subscriptions can still be purchased at

the price of 139 Euros (plus taxes). The complete list of artists present at Electric Castle 2024, all types

of subscriptions available and accommodation options in the festival campsite can be found at



Written by Irina Marinescu





Full line-up for Electric Castle 2024



Massive Attack, Bring Me The Horizon, Queens of The 


Stone Age, Chase and Status, Sean Paul and Paolo Nutini – this is what the headliners of the 10th edition of the Electric Castle festival look like. Another 300 artists from all musical genres will be present at Banffy Castle, in Bonțida, between July 17 and 21, to create a new edition that is even more eclectic, exotic and explosive.

Massive Attack and Queens of The Stone Age have created musical styles, becoming benchmarks for entire generations of musicians, while bands such as Bring Me The Horizon and Chase and Status are

revolutionizing their versatility and appetite for experimentation in different musical areas.
Sean Paul, one of the most prolific dancehall artists of all time, is the surprise of the edition. His image is


everything you'd expect from a rapper born in the reggae capital, but his record of hits (1.2 billion listens

in 2023 alone) and awards (Grammy, AMA, Billboard) says much more about ambition, talent and the

power to create a brand. In the opposite register, Paolo Nutini comes with a cocktail of rock and soul, a

voice that stirs emotions and more than 20 years of career that has brought him millions of fans.

The two join a musical entourage created by the organizers to take festival fans out of their comfort zone.

With Marc Rebillet, the most "playful" DJ of the moment, Shaquille O'Neal aka DJ Diesel aka NBA star

turned drum and bass star, Sevdaliza, the artist experimenting with Iranian rhythms in pop music, and

L'Entourloop, the collective project led by two Frenchmen who pose as "grandfathers of hip-hop",

Electric Castle refuses recipes in the line-up and follows its own creative instinct.

In addition to those listed, Nina Kravitz, Hernan Cattaneo, DJ Shadow, Kungs, Todd Terje, Sasha and

Bonobo, Cavalera Brothers, Sleaford Mods, Iguana Death Cult, She Wants Revenge, Palaye Royale,

iLe, Derya Yildirim & Group Simşek, Fulu Miziki , Subcarpathi, Vița de Vie, Coma, Vama, Irina Rimes,

Byron, Delia, Șuie Paparude, CTC and dozens of other names are confirmed to take the stage at

Electric Castle.


Written by Irina Marinescu





Electric Castle 2024 -

Tickets and lineup




Electric Castle 2024 - Tickets and lineup

Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2024 - Sunday, July 21, 2024

Start time  12:00

Access time / gate opening 12:00:00

Banffy Castle, Bontida


Electric Castle will return in 2024 with its tenth edition, an anniversary one, which will promise unmissable concerts and an electrifying atmosphere. The event will take place between July 17-21.

Electric Castle 2024 Tickets

Premium Pass - 1489.02 lei

General Access subscription - 692.22 lei

Under 21 General Access subscription (valid only for people under 21) - 493.02 lei

Camping - 293.82 lei

Electric Castle 2024 lineup


Massive Attack, Bring Me the Horizon, Queens of the Stone Age, Chase & Status Live,
Sean Paul, Paolo Nutini

Other confirmed artists at Electric Castle 2024:

Khruangbin, Nina Kravitz, Kungsor, Palaye Royale, Marc Rebellet, DJ Diesel (Shaquille O'Neal)
Sevdaliza, DJ Shadow, Bonobo, Apache with Brass Orchestra, Hernan Cattaneo B2B Sasha
Camo & Crooked, CARL, Jayda G, Kenya Grace, Eat Everything, Sleaford Mods, Honeyluv
Customs, Suie Paparude, CTC, Delia, Andy Purnell, BAO G, Mel Woods, Subcarpati, Vita de Vie, Coma,
Ahmed Spins, Priya Ragu, Irina Rimes, DJ Krush, Full Music, Kings of the Rollers, Genesis Owusu, 
Daxta, Unglued, Deg, INJA, Anais, Hoax, PVC


Written by Irina Marinescu





   The first wave of artists at Electric Castle

   2024! Massive Attack,BMTH and Queens

            of The Stone Age are coming




The first wave of artists at Electric Castle 2024! Massive Attack, BMTH and Queens of The Stone Age are coming

Massive Attack, Bring Me The Horizon and Queens of The Stone Age are the first bands confirmed at Electric Castle 2024. Next year, Chase & Status will also perform at the festival in Bonțida, live!

The organizers of Electric Castle have announced the first wave of artists who will come to the 2024

edition of the Bonțida festival! Massive Attack, Bring Me The Horizon and Queens of The Stone Age are

the first big names to be confirmed for the 10th edition.

Also in live format, the band Chase & Status will be present on the Electric Castle festival stage.

"We have headliners for EC 2024 Massive Attack, Queens of The Stone Age, we're waiting to bow in front

of the stage there, in front of the legend Josh Homme, then Bring Me The Horizon for the third time at the

festival, but I want to tell you that it's never enough BMTH in EC and Chase and Status in a live formula,

which is unusual for him. About once every 5-6 years he comes out with this formula. For drum and bass

lovers, put it in the calendar, with a red pen! Of course, there are many, many other artists. We have a

few dozen artists,” Electric Castle PR Renate Roca-Rozenberg said on the Morning Glory show

Wednesday morning.

The announcement was made via a video and on Electric Castle's Facebook page, where several names

from the line-up were given.

The Electric Castle festival will take place between July 17 and 21, 2024, on the Banffy field in Bonțida.

Electric Castle 2024, an edition with a lot of rock and trip hop

Organizers have announced details of the artists and Electric Castle's 10th edition, which is set to be one

with "a lot of rock and trip hop".

"The 10th edition of the festival is announced with a lot of rock and trip hop. The list of artists is completed

by Chase and Status (live), Marc Rebillet, Nina Kraviz, Bonobo, Dj Shadow, Sleaford Mods, among many

other names, and a surprise guest: Shaquille O'Neal aka DJ Diesel, NBA legend and self-proclaimed

"dubstep dad". Fans have the chance to see all these names at Electric Castle for a price of only 119

Euros, a special promotion until December 20", the organizers said in a statement.

They laid the foundation for trip hop, one of the most influential musical styles of the past few decades,

and inspired a whole generation of artists through their extraordinary creative power in music, visual arts

and activism. Massive Attack fully deserves its status as a cult band and the organizers of Electric Castle

are honored to offer the public the chance to listen, live, to iconic songs such as Teardrop, Angel or

Unfinished Sympathy.

It's time for new electric mosh pits at the main stage: Bring Me The Horizon return to EC, in full tour

promoting a new album that will surprise fans with a different sound. At the band's first appearance in

Romania, Queens of The Stone Age (QOTSA) promise a masterclass in rock! QOTSA is prepared with a

show that goes through all periods of the career of the legendary band, from hits like Nobody Knows and

I Sat By The Ocean, to the recent Carnavoyeur. Seeing Josh Homme live on the main stage at Electric

Castle is a dream come true for any alternative rock lover.

With 3 tracks simultaneously in the charts worldwide, Chase and Status are currently in top form. Some

of the best D'n'B artists will be at the castle live, which is very rare for the British duo. Two legends, both

with roots in trip hop and an impressive career behind them: DJ Shadow, the man who turned sampling

into art, and Bonobo, the producer whose discography is a whole journey between musical styles, are

also on the bill Electric Castle 2024.

The pandemic was great for Marc Rebillet, when a whole world discovered his improvised sets in their

own living room. Meanwhile, 'Loop Daddy', nicknamed for the live looping techniques he uses, has gone

on to sold out concerts and is preparing a one-of-a-kind show for Electric Castle, while Nina Kraviz will

bring to the festival her unique style that combines house and techno.

One of the most recognizable figures in the world, whether on the basketball court or behind the

backboards: Shaquille O'Neal is on the EC poster as DJ Diesel, the man who converted the energy of

sports into intense dubstep sets.

Two bands to listen to on repeat until their concerts at EC: Khruangbin, an infectious mix of soul, funk

and psychedelic rock, and Sleaford Mods, the British band proving that punk music continues to evolve.

Among the female presences in the line-up, fans of the young Kenya Grace are waiting to discover the

Strangers concert version, no. 1 in the UK this autumn. After a Grammy nomination, Jayda G, the

producer who released remixes for big names like Taylor Swift or Dua Lipa, makes her EC debut.

Hospitality Night @ Electric Castle means, in its 10th edition, an extended show with Degs, Unglued,

Camo & Krooked feat. DAXTA, Ana​ï​s, HOAX and PVC.


Subscriptions for the 2024 edition of the festival are available at the price of 119 Euros, in a special offer

until December 20, with the possibility of purchase in 6 installments. The full list of confirmed artists, all

types of subscriptions available and accommodation options in the festival campsite can be found at



Written by Irina Marinescu





Electric Castle schedules its

10th edition for July 17-21, 2024


Electric Castle fans can officially start the countdown to the 2024 edition! The 10th edition of the

festival will take place between July 17 and 21, 2024, and the organizers are already present on the

Bánffy field, preparing the ground for the hundreds of thousands of expected participants.

More than 15,000 subscriptions have already been purchased for Electric Castle 2024 since the end

of this summer's edition, which marked an audience record in the event's history: 232,000

participants. Until the announcement of the first confirmed artists for the 10th edition, the organizers

are looking carefully towards the European Festival Awards. Electric Castle is nominated for the 8th

consecutive year, this time in the Best Major Festival category, after, in 2019, it received the title of

Best Medium-Sized Festival. Along with industry experts, the public can nominate the best events of

the year with a vote here.

For all loyal fans or those who will experience their first Electric Castle, the organizers have already

started preparations for the festival. EC continues the approach started this spring to transform the

festival campsite into a relaxing space with plenty of shade for the public and a park for the

community of Bonțida by planting trees. At the end of the project, 10,000 trees will be planted,

on an area of approximately 10 hectares.

Electric Castle has recently joined the Green Deal Circular Festivals (GDCF) initiative which aims

to adopt effective sustainability strategies for events in Europe. Thus, in addition to the already known

actions, including selective recycling, supporting eco-friendly transport to and from the festival or

protecting historical heritage, Electric Castle will continue to develop new programs to reduce

the impact on the environment.

Subscriptions for the 2024 edition are available on www.electriccastle.ro, at prices starting from 89 Euros

, in the early bird promotion until November 14. Those who wish can from now on reserve a place in the

festival campsite by purchasing an access ticket, and subsequently opt for one of the accommodation



Written by Irina Marinescu



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