The Great Military Parade - The National Day of Romania


Yesterday, on the 1st of December, Romania has celebrated the Union Day, also known as the Official National Day of Romania, asa a Nation. Each and every year, in various cities in Romania, especially in the capital city of Bucharest, the National Day is celebrated with a Great Military Parade, where thousands of soldiers from all the fields of the romanian army are marching in a synchronized manner, for which they have practiced for more than a month. Along with the troups, a long line of military machines is present, also from the various parts of the romanian army, and since Romania is part of NATO, this year, we had integrated into the parade, teams from Spain, France, USA. 

At the parade were present a great deal of officials from the political apparatus, but also from the administrative, and the religious field. The Official Ceremony was opened by the Romanian President, His Excellency Klaus Werner Johannis, who salutted the audience and also laied down a corrona of flowers in the memory of the romanian soldiers that died in the two world wars. At the ceremony was also present the Mayor of Bucharest, Nicusor Dan.

The entire parade lasted for no more than an hour, but for this a lot of people, had prepared estimatively for two months in advance. From the official data, it seems that more than one hundred thousand people were present in the audience at the Military Parade. Funny enough, immediately after the parade all the public transport was put to a standstil, because of the huge crowds present in the area. In the end, everything went well, and we remained with some very nice memories. Long live Romania!

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The first tickets for UNTOLD Dubai have already gone on sale, tickets that are accessible, in a first phase, only to those registered in advance, on the official page of the event,
UNTOLD Dubai promises to be one of the craziest Romanian experiences in this industry, of music and festivals, so we are extremely curious about the Line-up of this festival, which, according to our vision, should be Bigger Than Life! See you at UNTOLD Dubai
UNTOLD - Dubai's first Mega Festival is set to ignite Expo City Dubai on February 15-18, with 70,000 festival-goers expected per day. Some of the best-rated artists from around the world are expected and thus, this musical extravaganza becomes one that is hard to miss.
UNTOLD, a Romanian brand born in Cluj, becomes the key partner in the entertainment industry of Dubai, the most futuristic and innovative destination in the world!
UNTOLD, globally renowned as one of the world's largest and most impressive festivals, is gearing up for its highly anticipated debut in Dubai in February 2024 at one of the city's impressive attractions, Expo City Dubai. The cultural and exclusive entertainment epicenter of the world, Dubai is a monumental step for any brand with a global vision. Even more impressive is the fact that UNTOLD, a Romanian brand born in Cluj-Napoca, becomes the key entertainment partner in Dubai, the most futuristic and innovative destination in the world!
UNTOLD Dubai promises to revolutionize entertainment and become a new symbol of this remarkable city. The festival will transform Dubai's Expo City into a haven of musical and cultural diversity, offering a complete experience. The famous Expo City Dubai will become the home of UNTOLD Dubai, offering fans an experience that reflects the energy and identity of the city. When you combine Dubai - home of the world's largest international hub and exclusive tourist destination, Dubai Expo City - a tourist attraction with more than 24 million visitors in the first six months of its opening, together with the UNTOLD festival, the result is one: an experience epic festival! This will be the definitive music event of 2024, an experience you won't want to miss!
To mark their debut in the city of the future, UNTOLD and Armin Van Buuren set two world records at the most famous building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, a symbol of Dubai: a live show at the highest altitude ever reached on the highest . building on the planet as well as using the world's largest LED screen during the show.
In addition to the musical experience, UNTOLD Dubai promises to offer a super VIP Experience
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Get up close and personal with your favorite artists and influences. VIP pass holders can get a chance to mingle with the artists, creating unforgettable memories.
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Address: Al Wasl Square. Expo 2020 Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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UNTOLD Dubai Festival and Armin van Buuren launch exclusive show at Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on the planet



UNTOLD, one of the biggest festivals in the world, is preparing its debut in the city of the future, Dubai, in February 2024 at Expo City Dubai. To launch UNTOLD Dubai, UNTOLD organizers together with the world's number 1 trance DJ, Armin van Buuren, created an exclusive show on the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on the planet, with which they broke two records worldwide. Armin van Buuren on the Burj Khalifa is the first set at the highest height, on the tallest building in the world, and the first show to use the largest LED screen on earth.


Ranked in the world's top five DJs for 21 years in a row, five times voted the world's number 1 electronic music DJ and number 1 trance DJ, Armin van Buuren mixed on the 149th floor of the impressive Burj Khalifa building and together with the UNTOLD team created a memorable moment that will remain in music history. Armin van Buuren's Burj Khalifa set can be seen from Wednesday 16 August at 18:00 on the Dutch DJ's YouTube channel.


The filming of this show was truly spectacular and an extraordinary job for the entire team involved in making this unique project in the world. Teams from several countries worked to create the impressive footage from the desert and from the tallest building in the world.


The video team filmed 20 TerraBytes with 18 4K video cameras. 10 cameras captured incredible images of the famous Burj Khalifa building, and 8 cameras filmed the desert in the golden light of the sunset. 4 drones flew over 830 meters high and recorded images that take your breath away and show you the splendor of the world and the greatest show ever made on the whole planet with a DJ.

The historic set is 41 minutes long, a musical and cinematic masterpiece, and showcases the mastery of artist Armin van Buuren and the vision of UNTOLD's creators. The Dutchman has a special relationship with the organizers of UNTOLD, the festival in Cluj-Napoca and the new mega festival in Dubai, of which he is an ambassador.


For 41 minutes, fans can experience a unique musical and personal journey as they watch a spectacle of music, light games, lasers and projections on the world's tallest building and the largest LED screen ever used in some show Armin van Buuren and the organizers of UNTOLD managed to create a unique moment. From the stunning height of the Burj Khalifa, to the twists and turns of sand in the desert, to the wondrous sunset and the spectacle of nature in all its glory, Armin van Buuren's set is an amazing journey of music and visuals into the city of the future and bordering on the most futuristic and innovative destination in the world.



The collaboration between UNTOLD and Armin van Buuren is a dream come true both for the Romanian organizers and for the Dutch artist and his team. Together they made history in the epicenter of culture and exclusive entertainment worldwide - Dubai.


The experience of the UNTOLD team has strengthened the position of the festival as a content creator at the global level, a brand that creates unique experiences for hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, who after each edition remain with memories for a lifetime.


Armin van Buuren's Burj Khalifa set, available from Wednesday 16 August at 18:00 on the Dutch artist's YouTube channel, is the new experience created and offered by the organizers of UNTOLD, this time in Dubai.


Supported by the Ministry of Economy and Tourism of the United Arab Emirates and in partnership with Expo City Dubai, UNTOLD Dubai is poised to become a new attraction on the international entertainment map. The first mega festival in the UAE promises to transform Expo City Dubai into an immersive experience where all the senses and experiences are taken to the next level and exceed all expectations.

To learn more about UNTOLD Dubai, as well as access early-bird memberships and exclusive offers, fans around the world can register at


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UNTOLD Dubai's First Mega Music Festival Unveiling – 10,000 Tickets Sold in Pre-Sale Frenzy!



Due to an overwhelming level of traffic on the UNTOLD Dubai website when pre-sale tickets for registered only went live, the organizers released an additional 5,000 tickets, leading to a total of 10,000 tickets sold already

General public access for Early Bird tickets go on sale on October 5th and can be purchased through

UNTOLD Dubai, the highly anticipated 4-day long mega music festival set to ignite Expo City Dubai from February 15th to 18th, 2024, is making headlines even before the first note is played. In an unprecedented turn of events, the initial release of 5,000 tickets, available just for those who registered on for this musical extravaganza sold out within hours of going live on October 3rd, leading to organizers releasing an additional 5,000 tickets, which have now also been snatched up. With an anticipated daily attendance of over 70,000 festivalgoers, this musical phenomenon promises to be a magical experience like no other.

While the artist line-up remains a well-kept secret for now, UNTOLD, the 4-day-long festival, is already known for its mind-blowing performances by some of the biggest names in the music industry. The European edition of UNTOLD has hosted artists like Imagine Dragons, Robbie Williams, G-Eazy, Jason Derulo, Ellie Goulding, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, Alok, Bebe Rexha, and much more, while Dubai's edition promises to uphold this tradition, offering an unparalleled cultural experience.

The stunning Expo City Dubai, the legacy city of the World Expo, will provide the backdrop for this grand event. Combining the vibrant city of Dubai with the immersive experiences of Expo City, UNTOLD Dubai guarantees a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Dubai's multicultural identity makes it the perfect host for UNTOLD Dubai, where dreams come alive and dancefloor revelry knows no bounds. Supported by Dubai's Department of Economy and Tourism and in partnership with Expo City Dubai, UNTOLD Dubai is set to be the highlight of Dubai's music calendar.

Exclusive access to Early Bird tickets for the public commences on October 5th at

For those yet to secure their passes to this 4-day long Mega Music Festival, the upcoming round of Early Bird tickets for the public will be up for grabs starting October 5th. This offer includes 4-day General Access passes priced at 158 Euros and 4-day VIP passes at 316 Euros.

As the event draws closer, the Final tickets will be made available at 350 Euros for a 4-day General Access pass and 658 Euros for 4-day VIP passes. Act swiftly to seize this opportunity for the grandest musical event Dubai has ever seen.

Be among the select few who secure their spot at UNTOLD Dubai. Register promptly on the official website, stay tuned with updates on UNTOLD Dubai via Instagram, and to purchase your tickets, visit This marks the definitive musical event of 2024—an experience that's unmissable!

Festival Dates: February 15th to 18th, 2024

Tickets on Sale: Early Bird October 5th

Early Bird Ticket Prices:
Early Bird 4-day General Access passes for 158 Euros per person;
Early Bird 4-day VIP passes for 316 Euros per person;
Final Ticket Prices:
4-day General Access passes for 350 Euros per person;
4-day VIP passes for 658 Euros per person;

*To purchase tickets, visit

*Accommodation packages available on


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UNTOLD Dubai promises to take the already well-known spirit of the UNTOLD Festival to new heights.


After they launched Armin van Buuren's super recital on the Burj Khalifa in August, in a super production that meant placing a stage on one of the upper platforms of the skyscraper, exposing the UNTOLD logo on the entire tower and a spectacular series of footage from the drone, until now, those from UNTOLD Dubai have already launched three stages of ticket sales, the last of them being launched on the 13th of this month. It is estimated that around 25-30 thousand tickets have been sold so far.

What is even more surprising is that the tickets were put on sale, without presenting any information about the line-up of the great festival in Dubai, which will actually be the first musical experience of this kind in Dubai. All the forums, even the official page of the event, are full of questions about the line-up, but the only information available until this moment is that the list of artists who will participate in UNTOLD Dubai will be an incendiary one.

So far, there have been a series of hints, quite veiled about a possible line-up, on the official Facebook page of the event, namely David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Robbie Williams, Bebe Rexha, or Hardwell, but it is possible that they are just some suggestions, thrown in to keep our interest burning. Not that there is any need to throw gas on the fire, especially since it is the first large-scale Romanian event to move internationally and not anywhere else but in Dubai. It is not the first example of an itinerant festival, it happened before with Coachella, with Tomorrowland, to have editions outside the already traditional locations.

The organizers of UNTOLD Dubai aim for a minimum number of 70 thousand tickets sold for the first edition of the UNTOLD Dubai Festival, a dream that is not so difficult to achieve.

The tickets were put on sale in several stages, we are currently in full swing of the third stage, initiated on October 13, 2023. The first stage was available exclusively on the basis of invitation and was reserved exclusively for those who had previously registered on the event's official website and brought with it the sale of over 10,000 tickets.

As for accommodation and transport to and in Dubai, the organizers have already made available a series of packages in collaboration with,, NordisTravel, FunTravel or and this as solutions for the vast majority of festival goers. For those with a hand or more enthusiasm, the organizers have made available an entire hotel, Rove Expo 2020 Dubai, which is located right inside the festival. Of course, the prices are reasonable, but who cares about money, when we're talking about a festival that takes place in one of the world's most luxurious locations.


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Wahlkampffinale in Bayern: Dieter Reiter SPD-Oberbuergermeister München in Marienplatz SPD Wahlreden zur Landtagswahl


Foto: Julian Ovidiu Foto: Julian Ovidiu
Foto: Julian Ovidiu Foto: Julian Ovidiu


Der SPD-Bundesvorsitzende Lars Klingbeil kommt am 6. Oktober 2023 zur Wahlkampfabschluss-Kundgebung der Bayern SPD nach München.


Foto: Julian Ovidiu Foto: Julian Ovidiu

SPD-Vorsitzender Lars Klingbeil auf dem Marienplatz in München.


Vor den Landtagswahlen in Bayern und Hessen am Sonntag haben führende Politiker der SPD und der Union deren bundespolitische Bedeutung betont. So sagte SPD-Chef Lars Klingbeil beim Wahlkampfabschluss der Sozialdemokraten in München, die Ampelregierung müsse die Anliegen der Menschen schneller lösen, um die hohen Umfragewerte der AfD wieder zu senken. "Ja, wir müssen besser werden und die Alltagssorgen der Menschen lösen", sagte Klingbeil. 


Es gehe "nicht um Berlin, die Ampel oder Olaf Scholz". Die CSU sei dafür verantwortlich, dass in Bayern die Energiewende nicht vorankomme, sagte Klingbeil.


Merz wiederholt Forderungen zur Eindämmung von Migration.
CDU-Chef Friedrich Merz rief die bayerischen Wählerinnen und Wähler dazu auf, die Bundespolitik bei der Stimmabgabe im Hinterkopf zu behalten. In einer Videobotschaft beim CSU-Wahlkampfabschluss in München sagte Merz, die Landtagswahl müsse auch eine Abstimmung über die Politik der Bundesregierung sein.


Im hessischen Taunusstein forderte Merz die Bundesregierung persönlich dazu auf, möglichst bald den sogenannten Deutschland-Pakt anzugehen. So bezeichnet Bundeskanzler Scholz (SPD) seine Pläne zur Modernisierung der Verwaltung, dem ökologischen Umbau der Wirtschaft und der Eindämmung irregulärer Migration – Vorhaben, für die er die Unterstützung der oppositionellen Union benötigt.


Merz betonte hier vor allem den Aspekt der Migration. Es müsse dringend darüber gesprochen werden, wie irreguläre Migration in die sozialen Sicherungssysteme reduziert oder möglichst schnell gestoppt werden könne. Klingbeil verwies auf die Verteilung von Geflüchteten innerhalb der EU, die derzeit Thema von Verhandlungen zur geplanten EU-Asylreform ist.


Söder will Ampel "in die Wüste schicken", Wüst sieht sie auf dem "Recyclinghof".

Ebenfalls mit Blick auf Berlin, aber drastischer als Merz äußerte sich Bayerns Ministerpräsident Markus Söder (CSU): "Wir müssen 2025 diese Ampel in die Wüste schicken", sagte er bei der Schlusskundgebung seiner Partei. Die Landtagswahl sei dafür eine wichtige Weichenstellung. Der ebenfalls anwesende nordrhein-westfälische Ministerpräsident Hendrik Wüst (CDU) sagte: "Diese rostige Regierungsampel gehört auf den Recyclinghof." 


In Hessen zeigte sich Ministerpräsident Boris Rhein (CDU) ebenfalls kämpferisch. "Wir wollen keine Sonntagsfrage gewinnen, sondern eine Landtagswahl", sagte er auf einer Wahlkampfveranstaltung in Gießen. Auch er wies auf Berlin: "Nur mit uns kann Hessen ampelfrei bleiben", sagte er.


In Hessen und Bayern sind am Sonntag insgesamt 14 Millionen Menschen wahlberechtigt. Fast ein Viertel der Deutschen lebt in den beiden derzeit von der CDU beziehungsweise CSU regierten Bundesländern. 


Anne-Marie la Untold 2022


Foto: Julian Ovidiu Foto: Julian Ovidiu


Anne-Marie vin în premieră în România, la Untold 2022.


Mai e puțin până pe 4 august, când UNTOLD își deschide porțile pentru zeci de mii de fani din întreaga lume și peste 200 de artiști naționali și internaționali.


Anne-Marie, artista care vine în premieră la festivalul UNTOLD în această vară, și INNA sunt în topul mondial al celor mai urmărite artiste, top realizat de platforma Kworb, care analizează date muzicale din întreaga lume.


UNTOLD a intrat în Top 5 cele mai mari festivaluri din lume în acest an, conform datelor publicate de compania de analiză Viberate, iar pentru cea de-a șaptea parte a poveștii UNTOLD, organizatorii vor aduce pe mainstage cei mai mari artiști și DJ-i ai lumii, unii dintre aceștia fiind o premieră pentru un festival organizat în România. 


Anne-Marie este una dintre premierele ediției 2022 a festivalului UNTOLD. Artista de origine britanică se află în clasamentul celor mai urmăriți artiști pe platforma YouTube, unde ocupă locul 4 cu un număr uriaș de subscriberi, peste 10,7 milioane.


Foto: Julian Ovidiu Foto: Julian Ovidiu


Anul 2021 a fost unul excepțional în cariera artistei britanice. În luna mai a lansat ,,Our Song”, single-ul de promovare pentru cel de-al doilea album de studio, ,,Therapy”. 


Teaser-ul de promovare pentru acest single a fost postat pe contul de Twitter al frumoasei artiste în vârstă de 30 ani, ea declarând că a intrat în studio cu fostul membru One Direction Niall Horan pentru a înregistra o piesă, dar au ajuns să creeze 3.


Clipul oficial al melodiei ,,Our Song” a ajuns la 39 milioane de vizualizări pe YouTube și la 165 de milioane de stream-uri pe platforma Spotify. 


În luna decembrie, în cadrul galei anuale de caritate BBC Children In Need, Anne-Marie și Niall Horan au fost selectați pentru a interpreta piesa oficială a galei, o reinterpretare pentru o piesă clasică, ,,Everywhere” de la Fleetwood Mac, lansată de band-ul rock în noiembrie 1987. Alături de Anne-Marie au lucrat la această versiune cover Ed Sheeran, Griff, Lewis Capaldi, Sam Smith și Yungblud.


Foto: Julian Oviodiu Foto: Julian Ovidiu


Piesele lansate de efervescenta artistă pop însumează miliarde de vizualizări. În acest clasament realizat de compania Kworb, Anne-Marie se află într-o companie selectă: Dua Lipa, Adele, Ellie Goulding, Inna sau Little Mix. 


Anne-Marie are în palmares patru nominalizări la Brit Awards, inclusiv la categoria Best British Female Solo Artist, iar din 2021 face parte din juriul The Voice Marea Britanie. 


După colaborări de succes cu Clean Bandit (,,Rockabye”), clip-ul oficial al piesei a trecut de 2,6 miliarde vizualizări de ascultări pe Spotify și a ajuns pe locul 1 în UK Singles Chart, sau ,,FRIENDS”, la care a lucrat cu producătorul american Marshmello, un succes și pe YouTube, unde are peste 960 de milioane de vizualizări, Anne-Marie și-a lansat, în 2018, albumul de debut ,,Speak Your Mind”, cu care a ocupat locul 3 în UK Albums Chart.


Foto: Julian Ovidiu Foto: Julian Ovidiu


Anul 2021 a fost unul excepțional în cariera artistei britanice. În luna mai a lansat ,,Our Song”, single-ul de promovare pentru cel de-al doilea album de studio, ,,Therapy”. 


Teaser-ul de promovare pentru acest single a fost postat pe contul de Twitter al frumoasei artiste în vârstă de 30 ani, ea declarând că a intrat în studio cu fostul membru One Direction Niall Horan pentru a înregistra o piesă, dar au ajuns să creeze 3.


Clipul oficial al melodiei ,,Our Song” a ajuns la 39 milioane de vizualizări pe YouTube și la 165 de milioane de stream-uri pe platforma Spotify. 


În luna decembrie, în cadrul galei anuale de caritate BBC Children In Need, Anne-Marie și Niall Horan au fost selectați pentru a interpreta piesa oficială a galei, o reinterpretare pentru o piesă clasică, ,,Everywhere” de la Fleetwood Mac, lansată de band-ul rock în noiembrie 1987. Alături de Anne-Marie au lucrat la această versiune cover Ed Sheeran, Griff, Lewis Capaldi, Sam Smith și Yungblud.


În 2022, artista britanică a plecat în turneu mondial, Disfunctional Tour, care a debutat cu un show live sold out în Dublin.



OB Dieter Reiter eröffnet mit drei Schlägen die Wiesn Oktoberfest München 17 september 2022



Foto: Julian Ovidiu Foto: Julian Ovidiu


Auf eine friedliche Wiesn! Punkt 12 Uhr wurde das Münchner Oktoberfest eröffnet. Traditionell zapfte Oberbürgermeister Dieter Reiter das erste Fass Oktoberfestbier in der Schottenhamel-Festhalle an.


Foto: Julian Ovidiu Foto: Julian Ovidiu


Endlich! Das Oktoberfest ist eröffnet! Um kurz vor 12 Uhr betrat Oberbürgermeister Dieter Reiter die Anzapfboxe in der Schottenhamel-Festhalle. Der Andrang war wie immer riesengroß, die Stimmung im Zelt fantastisch. Alle wollten dabei sein, wenn Reiter die nahezu legendären Worte "O'zapft is! Auf eine friedliche Wiesn!" spricht. Wer keine Reservierung hatte, wartete teilweise schon seit frühmorgens vor der Theresienwiese, um einen freien Tisch ergattern zu können.


Der Oberbürgermeister zeigte, dass er nach drei Jahren Corona-Pause nicht viel verlernt hat: Nach drei Schlägen floss das Spatenbier aus dem Fass in den ersten Maßkrug, den der OB traditionell dem bayerischen Ministerpräsidenten Markus Söder überreicht. Mit dabei (Foto: Julian Ovidiu und AgenturppF): Die Bürgermeisterinnen Verena Dietl und Katrin Habenschaden sowie Wiesnchef Clemens Baumgärtner. Kurz darauf signalisierten die Böllerschüsse nun auch den Wirten der anderen Festzelte, dass sie mit dem Bierausschank beginnen dürfen.


Foto: Julian Ovidiu Foto: Julian Ovidiu


Der perfekte Oktoberfest-Anstich: Mit möglichst wenigen Schlägen anzapfen.
Der Anstich des ersten Bierfasses auf dem Oktoberfest findet nach alter Tradition immer im Schottenhamel-Festzelt statt. Der Münchner Oberbürgermeister gibt sich redlich Mühe, den Zapfhahn mit möglichst wenigen Schlägen zu setzen, um die erste Maß zu füllen, die nach altem Brauch immer dem amtierenden bayerischen Ministerpräsidenten gereicht wird. Der Rekord für den perfekten Anstich liegt bei zwei Schlägen — den Platz der Rekordhalter teilen sich damit Alt-Oberbürgermeister Christian Ude und Dieter Reiter. Oberbürgermeister Thomas Wimmer (SPD), der den traditionellen Anstich im Jahr 1950 einführte, benötigte 17 Schläge!


Warum findet der Oktoberfest-Anstich im Schottenhamel statt?
„O’zapft is!“ erklingt es aus der Schottenhamel-Festhalle, weil dort 1950 zum ersten Mal „offiziell“ angezapft wurde, von Thomas Wimmer, dem damaligen Oberbürgermeister. Man erzählt sich, dass er zur Oktoberfest-Eröffnung in den Schottenhamel eilte, weil er etwas knapp dran war — hatte er doch kurz vor 12 Uhr auf der Theresienhöhe noch eine Messe eröffnen müssen. Noch dazu schüttete es an diesem Septembersamstag im Jahr 1950 wie aus Kübeln, was dazu führte, dass OB Wimmer den kürzesten Weg in ein Zelt nahm. Ob es sich wirklich genau so zutrug oder das ganze eher eine Wiesnlegende ist, ist nicht hinreichend belegt.


12 Böllerschüsse läuten den Bierausschank ein.
Nach dem erfolgreichen Anzapfen signalisieren die zwölf traditionell vor der Bavaria abgegebenen Böllerschüsse den anderen Festzelten auf der Wiesn: Das Oktoberfest ist eröffnet, das Bier darf nun in die Maßkrüge fließen! Denn auch wenn die Wiesnzelte am ersten Samstag bereits ab morgens um 9 Uhr geöffnet sind, darf erst nach den Schüssen in allen Zelten Bier ausgeschenkt werden.



Gemeinsame Erklärung zum Münchener Spitzengespräch am 08.07.2022


Foto: Yannik Bikker Foto: Yannik Bikker


Am Montag wird die Nord-Stream-Gaspipeline für Wartungsarbeiten abgeschaltet. Befürchtet wird, dass Russland die Leitung dauerhaft kappt. Die deutsche Wirtschaft ist beim Spitzentreffen mit Kanzler Scholz in München in großer Sorge.


Foto: Yannik Bikker Foto: Yannik Bikker


Es ist das eine Thema, das das Spitzengespräch der Wirtschaftsverbände mit dem Bundeskanzler bestimmt: die aktuelle Energiekrise. Sollte Russland wirklich den Gashahn zudrehen, hätte das dramatische Folgen, sagt der Präsident des Deutschen Industrie- und Handelskammertages, Peter Adrian. Das fange an, dass Unternehmen keine Schläuche mehr herstellen können für die Dialysestationen, die hier nur Vorräte von vier bis sechs Wochen haben. Und gehe weiter bis hin zur Unterbrechung der Wasserversorgung, wenn man keine Energie habe, um Pumpen und Anlagen zu betreiben, so Adrian.


Allerdings solle man nicht wie das Kaninchen auf die Schlange schauen, meint Industriepräsident Siegfried Russwurm. Angst sei ein schlechter Ratgeber. Momentan laufe die Gasversorgung ja noch. Die Verunsicherung ist aber groß bei allen Beteiligten, das wird bei dem Spitzentreffen mit dem Kanzler deutlich.


Foto: Yannik Bikker Foto: Yannik Bikker


Kanzler: Energiesicherung "in nicht gekanntem Tempo".

Olaf Scholz weist darauf hin, dass man schon begonnen habe, Infrastrukturen aufzubauen, um Gas aus aller Welt zu importieren. Die Regierung werde "in nicht gekanntem Tempo" versuchen, Flüssiggas-Terminals an der norddeutschen Küste und Gasleitungen bauen zu lassen. "Mein Ziel: Wir werden uns den Schneid nicht abkaufen lassen."


Was den längerfristigen Umbau der Energieversorgung betrifft, versprach Scholz eine Beschleunigung der Planungs- und Genehmigungsverfahren, "indem wir alle Gesetze ändern, die dazu notwendig sind, dass in größter Geschwindigkeit all das errichtet und geschaffen werden kann". Alle Beschleunigungsgesetze sollen in diesem Jahr auf den Weg gebracht werden.


Foto: Yannik Bikker Foto: Yannik Bikker


Olaf Scholz stellte in München wegen der steigenden Kosten zudem weitere Hilfen für Bürger und Unternehmen in Aussicht. Und kündigte an, Firmen zu belohnen, die ihren Energieverbrauch freiwillig reduzieren. Wirtschaftsverbände fordern generell schnellere Genehmigungen.


Aus Sicht der Wirtschaft ist es wichtig, dass die Regierung aufs Tempo drückt. Denn eine stabile Gasversorgung habe hohe Priorität, heißt es in der gemeinsamen Erklärung des Industrieverbands BDI, der Bundesvereinigung der deutschen Arbeitgeberverbände (BDA), des Industrie- und Handelskammertags (DIHK) und des Zentralverbands des Deutschen Handwerks (ZDH). Die Spitzenverbände der deutschen Wirtschaften verlangen eine Verkürzung der bisher oft Jahre dauernden Planungs- und Genehmigungsverfahren für neue Infrastruktur, Gebäude und technische Anlagen auf wenige Monate.


Foto: Yannik Bikker Foto: Yannik Bikker


Laut BDI-Präsident Siegfried Russwurm gilt das nicht nur kurzfristig für das Thema Gas, sondern mittelfristig auch bei all der Infrastruktur, die man braucht, um Deutschland umzustellen zu einem dekarbonisierten Industrieland. „Wir können mit dem Genehmigungsprozeduren und deren Dauern, wie wir sie heute haben, nicht wettbewerbsfähig sein, sagt Russwurm.

Weitere Sorge der Wirtschaft: fehlende Arbeitskräfte.

Der Fachkräftemangel war ein weiteres Thema beim Spitzengespräch mit dem Kanzler. Man könne aktuell allein in den so genannten Mint-Berufen 320.000 gemeldete Stellen nicht besetzen, also in Berufen, die sich unter den Begriffen Mathematik, Informatik, Natur- und Ingenieurwissenschaft und Technik einordnen lassen, beklagen die Wirtschaftsverbände. Im Handwerk fehlen demnach 250.000 Fachkräfte. 


Foto: Yannik Bikker Foto: Yannik Bikker
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